• Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa Bed for Any Room
    Post time: Jun-05-2017

    You can turn any room into a bedroom or guest room by furnishing it with a quality sofa bed. A sofa bed by any name — sleeper, sleeper sofa, sleep sofa — is one of the most versatile and hard-working pieces of furniture you could own. It has come a long way from being the uncomfortabl...Read more »

  • What You Should Know Before Buying Furniture
    Post time: May-18-2017

    Before buying furniture, you should know how to find the best match for your needs. Every piece of furniture has certain elements or features that determine whether or not it is a good fit. There are some general rules that apply to all furniture purchases, but sometimes you have to consider more...Read more »

  • How to Successfully Sell A Sofa
    Post time: Apr-28-2017

    Do you ever wonder at the process behind a selling a sofa? The clearer it is in your mind, the easier it is to connect a customer with the product they need. A happy customer is more likely to return for future purchases, and helps you build a good reputation. Let us demystify the entire process ...Read more »

  • Top 10 Furniture Choices for First-Time Buyers
    Post time: Apr-21-2017

    Are you setting up your first home? If you don’t know what you’ll really need, read our list of Top Picks for first-time furniture buyers. 01  A Bed to Last a Lifetime You’ll spend about 1/3  of every day in bed, so you should one that’s comfortable and well constructed. C...Read more »

  • How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Table
    Post time: Apr-05-2017

    Don’t pass on a stunning dining table just because it doesn’t come with chairs. Your table and chairs don’t have to match. Your chairs do need to suit your table’s scale and style. Here’s how to choose chairs for your dining table: SCALE For comfort, the respective s...Read more »

  • How to Choose a Sofa Color
    Post time: Mar-21-2017

    Choosing the right sofa A sofa is one of the top three furniture expenditures at home, so choose the sofa carefully. Like other major furniture purchases, your sofa will be with you for many years. Whether you call it a couch or a sofa, that large and (hopefully) comfortable piece of furniture in...Read more »

  • How to Judge the Quality of a Sofa
    Post time: Mar-10-2017

    If you want to judge the quality of a sofa, go beyond what it looks like. Quality goes deeper than looks, and that is why two identical-looking sofas can vary so much in price. What lies inside determines how your sofa rates for quality. The frame, seating support and filling not only determine y...Read more »

  • 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sleeper Sofa
    Post time: Feb-15-2017

    Call it a sleeper sofa, or sofa bed, this is the one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can own. Having a sleeper in your living room rather than a sofa might be one way to overcome space limitations, if you have them. It lets you turn any room into a guest room, or even a bed room fo...Read more »

  • How to Identify Different Parts of a Sofa
    Post time: Jan-19-2017

    A sofa is made up of many different parts. And all these different parts can vary from sofa to sofa, giving each a distinct look. Do you know how to identify each one? It helps to know so that you can describe the sofa you want to a salesperson or designer. Sofa Arms English arms: These low sofas...Read more »

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